Pympress package

This page contains the inline documentation, generated from the code using sphinx.

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pympress.util – various utility functions


Call the right function to open files, based on the platform.

Parameters:f (str) – path to the file to open

Returns the path to the configuration file containing the defaults.

Returns:The path to the portable configuration file.
Return type:str

Load an image from pympress’ resources in a Gdk Pixbuf.

Parameters:name (str) – The name of the icon to load
Returns:The loaded icon
Return type:Pixbuf

Returns the path to the locale directory.

Returns:The path to the locale directory
Return type:str

Returns the appropriate path to the log file in the user app dirs.

Returns:path to the log file.
Return type:str

Returns the path to the configuration file for a portable install (i.e. in the install root).

Returns:The path to the portable configuration file.
Return type:str

Get metadata (version, etc) from pympress’ or git describe.

Returns:metadata properties (version, contributors) mapped to their values
Return type:dict
pympress.util.get_ui_resource_file(name, ext='.glade')[source]

Load an UI definition file from pympress’ resources.

  • name (str) – The name of the UI to load
  • ext (str) – The extension of the file

The full path to the glade file

Return type:



Returns the path to the configuration file in the user config directory.

Returns:path to the user configuration file.
Return type:str

Enable or disable the screensaver.

Parameters:disabled (bool) – if True, indicates that the screensaver must be disabled; otherwise it will be enabled

List the icons from pympress’ resources.

Returns:The paths to the icons in the pixmaps directory
Return type:list of str

Load the css and in a style provider.

Parameters:style_provider (CssProvider) – The style provider in which to load CSS
Returns:The style provider with CSS loaded
Return type:CssProvider